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melanie davis

After suffering the loss of her seven-month-daughter, Brynn, to SIDS, Melanie found healing and purpose by sharing her story with those who could be encouraged and inspired by the wisdom and purpose she found in her daughter’s death. She developed The Triumph Program to assist others to discover write and share their own Triumph Stories and founded Triumph Press, which publishes The Triumph Book Series, as well as the books and stories of others who have overcome adversity. Melanie has been an advocate for veterans since she wrote and published HEROES, the second book in The Triumph Series. She has spent the past four years working with Forgotten Veterans (Incarcerated Veterans), providing The Triumph Program: Overcoming PTSD and expanding it into a wholistic reentry program called H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring. She received the 2019 Texas Governor’s Award for Service to Veterans, a Congressional Commendation from Congressman Brady and most recently, the 2020 Peacebuilder’s Community Award for her programs which serve incarcerated veterans and their neighbors. Breaking Bars is the fourth book in The Triumph Series.

Winner of the 2019 Texas Governor's Award for Service to Veterans, Congressional Commendation and the 2020 Peacebuilders Community Award.

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